Council Seeks Review of Ports Master Plan

The Ports Consultative Council of Nigeria (PCCN) has called for a review of the existing ports master plan to improve productivity at the Nigerian ports.

Its President, Kunle Folarin, said, “A master plan gives you a total idea of the various segments of the activity and also their allocation, so that they do not come and be an encumbrance on other segments or other operations.

“In other words, it avoids haphazard development; it avoids pollution in the way or process of operation.

“It enhances productivity and makes it easier for seamless operation to happen in the port system.

“Ancillary services are necessary in the port system; you need a police station; you need a hospital or a sickbay. You need workshop for the plant maintenance and repairs, you need access road connections; you need port offices, (and) agents’ offices.

“The master plan will forecast the needs and the volume of the needs and therefore appropriate infrastructure will be designed from that master plan.’’

He said that fifty years ago, nobody could have forecasted that Nigeria would have crude oil.

He said it was because of that nobody thought it was important to take into account the provision of tank farms in the master plan.

The maritime expert said that the review of the port master plan would ensure massive improvement at the country’s ports.