Mayweather Pockets $100m as He Defeats Pacquiao

The check was for $100 million, a payday so mind boggling that Floyd Mayweather Jr. couldn't help but  show  his check  to a few reporters when the night was done after beating Manny Pacquiao on Saturday (Sunday, Nigerian time).
“For my team to hand me a $100m check is remarkable,” said Mayweather, whose take from the long-awaited mega-fight with Pacquiao could ultimately puff up to as high as $200m once all the record-breaking revenue is counted.
The man who has named himself “Money” stated that the payout was all part of a “brilliant game plan” for his career.
“My goal was to make nine figures in one night,” he said.
The 38-year-old American, 11-time world champion in five weight divisions believes that aim has been the driving force of a 19-year career, in which he’s now won all 48 of his fights.
Still, the fight will be a tough act to follow if only because of the astounding money it brought in. Hard to imagine Mayweather fighting for a paltry $30 million or $40 million after a night he made history with the richest single payday any athlete of any sport has made.
He says he'll fight once more in September, then hang up the gloves. Mayweather says it's time to enjoy the fruits of his labour from a sport that has taken most of his life since he was a kid.
''I don't really think I'll miss the sport,'' Mayweather said. ''I don't even watch boxing. At one particular time I loved the sport of boxing. I wanted to go to every fight and wanted to be at every boxing event. But I just lost the love for the sport.''