Engineer Urges Lagos Residents to Obtain Building Approvals

The Chairman, Apapa Chapter of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Ola Taiwo, has called on Lagos residents to always obtain proper building approvals to help avert fire outbreaks.

According to Taiwo, the lack of proper approval and lack of fire sprinklers in building, as recommended by the government, have caused several avoidable fire outbreaks.

“What I will just implore our people to do is to ensure that they have proper building plans approved by the state government.

“Be it a bungalow, a one storey or multi storey building, they should always go for approval because it is very important.

“Let us not wait until there is a disaster before we start clamouring and shouting for government to come to our aid, come to our assistance and all that.

“Fire could be some form of accident, it could be as a result of electrical spark and all that, but even, for electrical sparks to take place, are these cables well positioned? All these could also lead to disasters; we should learn to do things in the appropriate manner.’’