Nigeria’s Economic Growth ...High Potential for a Frog Leap

Nigeria is one of the most developed countries in Africa. By virtue of its population of over 160 million people, it is the largest country in Africa and accounts for about 47% of West Africa’s population. It is also the biggest oil exporter in Africa, with the largest natural gas reserves in the continent. With these substantial reserves of human and natural resources, the country is expected to build a prosperous economy, drastically reduce poverty, and provide health, education and infrastructure services to its large population.

Every Business Needs a Priest

What do people like Ram Charan, Steven Covey, Robert Greene, Brian Tracy, Malcolm Gladwell, etc have in common? Honestly, I don’t know. What is certain is that they all earn thousands of United States Dollars from speaking engagements. Serious business leaders listen to them! Why would a serious business man pay to listen to individuals with no reputation for success in any particular business?

Between Oil Companies and Pioneer Status

Recently, some oil companies were awarded pioneer status. Pioneer status for the uninitiated is that tax free status granted to companies whose products have been declared pioneer products upon satisfying further administrative requirements of the Minister of Trade and Investments (or the designated agency administering the Industrial Development Act).

A time for the Truth: The Guardian, Bi-Courtney, Uriesi, Greed and Insincerity

In Nigeria, everything and everyone appear to be for sale. I have also offered myself for sale but I am still looking for buyers. On Sunday, August 11, 2013, while meditating on how to source funds to pay off my obligations including delayed salaries –yes the House of Representative member who wants to introduce a law with prison terms for entrepreneurs who owe salaries should please come to my aid– I found a perfect opportunity to sell myself.

Where are the Nigerian Heroes?

The recent demise of Prof. Chinua Achebe is tremendously sad because he was a global icon, born and bred in Nigeria, who spoke fearless over several decades about the decay in Nigeria. However, his death is monumentally disturbing because with his passing, one more Nigerian hero has died without any foreseeable replacement or a sense of belief that he can be replaced or almost replaced.

The Nigerian Style of Rejoinders

One of the most interesting developments that democracy has brought us is the ability to criticise various governments in Nigeria. There was a time when it was impossible to criticize, let alone, say negative things about the different military junta that ruled Nigeria. Times have changed!

An Aspect Of Corruption We Often Overlook

Without a doubt, Nigeria is rife with corruption. The argument is around the extent of corruption and the number of countries that are more corrupt than Nigeria. Recently, Transparency International (TI), in its 2012 report, ranked Nigeria the 35th most corrupt country in the world. Nigeria scored 27 out of a maximum 100 marks to occupy the 139th place out of the 176 countries surveyed in the report.