Hospitality and Tourism

Touring A Difficult Environment

A trip to the Nigerian Tourism Development Commission (NTDC) on the worldwide web, would lead you to a tedious search for the commission’s webpage. Your search will certainly lead you to a dead end –a dreary inactive home page of the commission’s website.  This is although the least of the woes facing Tourism in Nigeria. A combination of economic, political and security concerns have stifled the growth of tourism in Nigeria. Its existence almost relegated the existence of hotels, motels, guest houses, night clubs and eateries.

Seeking A Break From Work

If you are planning a getaway there are over 100 known tourist destinations in the country, however obstacles like the lack of infrastructure and hotel lodging could easily take the pleasure out of the experience. But there are numerous holiday resorts with suitable facilities to ensure that you, your colleagues and your family have a refreshing and perhaps even an exhilarating experience.