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Record Label Owners: Reaping Investment Rewards?

Behind the highly visible world of artists and performers who touch people’s lives are less visible record label owners who invest their time and money in discovering, nurturing and promoting artistic talents.

The roles record companies play in music business is so crucial that no other parties in the music industry take such responsibilities and risks for supporting artistes –seeking the benefits of shared success and also accepting the financial consequences of failure.

“Pastor-preneurs” and Private Jets: Wise Investment?

The number of private jets being acquired by Nigerians –oil magnates, business moguls and pastors – in the last five years has grown exponentially from about 20 jets in 2007 to the current level of more than 150 jets, making Nigeria and China rank as the fastest growing private jet markets in the world.

Fashion Industry Still Has A Lot To Offer –MUDI

With over 20 years experience in the fashion industry, Nigeria’s foremost designer, Clement Mudiaga Enajemo, owner of Pan-African clothing line, MUDI Africa, says Nigeria is yet to tap into the big resources in the fashion world. The celebrity designer, who designs clothes for artistes, fellow celebrities and powerful people in the society, in an exclusive interview with FinIntell shares top secrets to his success.

You have been in the fashion industry for long. Would you say Nigeria is tapping the full potential in this sector?

Nollywood Stars: Where Their Money Is

Movie productions in Nigeria started over fifty years ago with the likes of Latola Films and Calpeny Nigeria Limited anchoring the escapade. As far back as 1980, most movies produced in Nigeria were either short plays or culled from a book. The major difficulty was inadequate resources. Despite all of that, the Nigerian film industry thrived. It scurried away from one constraint to another until the birth of Nollywood –the umbrella body covering the movie industry in Nigeria.

Nigerian Music Stars: Investing In Liabilities Or Assets?

Before hip hop came into full limelight in Nigeria, a little over a decade ago, different styles of music including Afro, Juju, Fuji, and Highlife were created locally and it brought fame and fortune to many of the artists. The old music legends recorded remarkable hits but most of them lived modestly as their kind of music does not sermonise endless noticeable spending. Those who could afford it, built one or two houses and own regular cars; not huge mansions and glittering wonders-on-wheel.

The Business Of Fashion: Challenges, Opportunities

Fashion scenes and activities in Nigeria may be slow in growth, but the enthusiastic stylish people, mostly Nigerian designers with awesome creative minds are gradually adding pace to the growth.

With efforts of fashionistas, modeling agencies, tailors, fashion schools and style magazines, the couture industry is improving daily with good percentage of the Nigerian population spending more on fashion and accessories.

Nigerian Soccer Idols: Where Their Monies Are

All over the world sports personalities are some of the most flamboyant people. With fat weekly wages in football and mouth watering prize monies in golf and tennis tournaments to mention a few, sports people over the years have become major players in economies across the world with their investments either in assets or liabilities.

Nigerian Designer Labels: Braving The Odds

All over the various cities in the country, bright and colourful boutique punctuate every major road. They parade tempting attires form the biggest labels in the US, UK, Italy and France. Even the African celebrities show off with these labels and promote them more than ours. None the less, the country has witnessed a growth in its fashion industry, houte couture wise.