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Nigerians' Movie Scripts Improving, Says Producer

Nollywood producer, Mr Adonijah Owiriwa, on Monday said that Nigerians' movie scripts would continue to improve as the industry progresses.

Owiriwa, who recently produced a movie titled, `76,’’ told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that better storyline would come with time.

He said that for instance, the theme of rituals featured in most Nigerian movies originated from the experiences of the filmmakers.

``The storyline will gradually change to other aspects of human activities as the industry progresses.

Stakeholders in Nollywood Working to Improve on Technical Quality –Zack Orji

Veteran Nollywood actor Zack Orji says stakeholders in the Nigerian movie industry are working towards improving the technical quality of Nollywood products.

Orji told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on Tuesday that the stakeholders in the industry were constantly looking to improve the quality of performance art, including music and motion picture.

``We are already paying more attention but these things take some time.

AY Identifies Factors Responsible for Low Quality Movie Production in Nigeria

A comedian and actor, Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has attributed the production of low quality movies in the country to lack of financial support from the private sector.

AY made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on Wednesday.

``We need investors, we need people who believe in your project, believe in what you want to do and come out to support.

``But it’s just that we are in a country where it’s a question of who knows man not the product, not the content.

Nigerian Fashion Designers Set Ibadan Agog

No fewer than eight Nigerian fashion designers put on show designs and the best of African fashion for kids and teenagers at the 2015 African Kids and Teens Fashion Week in Ibadan.

The event, held on Dec. 27 at Mauve 21 Event Centre, Ibadan, featured various innovations and designs from Nigerians.

Among the designers at the event were Arambe, Dware outfit, Owambe, Datina Clothings, TJ Clothings, Zuchini, 509 Clothings and Bridal Showers.

South African Film Producers Woo Nigerian Nollywood Actors

Chief Operations Officer, KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission, South Africa, Jackie Motsepe, has said that her film producers’ delegation was in Nigeria to attract more Nollywood film makers.

Motsepe spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on the sidelines of the delegation’s meeting with some Nollywood film makers.

The commission’s chief operations officer said that it was imperative for both countries’ film industry to begin to work together in promoting African culture and values.

Nollywood Veteran Seeks Support for Theatre, Stage

Nollywood veteran actress Joke Silva, on Friday, appealed to governments at all levels to put in place policies that would rejuvenate stage and theatre shows among Nigerians.

Silva made the appeal in an interview on the sidelines of a media briefing on a 3-man play written by Onukaba Ojo, and entitled: `Her Majesty’s Visit’ scheduled to be staged on Dec. 12 and Dec. 13 in Abuja.

``Our Government must put up policies that would make theatres accessible to the art lovers and the people generally.

Famous Actor Laments Insufficient Cinema Houses

One of the nation’s renowned actors, Ramsey Nouah, has decried the dearth of cinema houses in the nation.

Nouah told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that this had retarded the growth of the movie industry.

Nouah said that the prevailing situation was contrary to the provision in the Nigerian constitution that prescribed one cinema house in each local government area.

Nouah said that this had contributed to the level of poverty and unemployment which has made it impossible for the entertainment sector to thrive.

‘Regular Interactions with Foreign Contemporaries will Boost Nigerian Arts’

The Director of Omenka Gallery, Olive Enweonwu, on Thursday said that constant rapport between local artists and their foreign contemporaries would boost nation’s arts sector in the international arts circle.

Enweonwu said that such development would be realised through regular exhibitions and exchange programmes of art works.

He added that viable partnerships were needed for indigenous artists to enhance their profile in order to be a reference point of sorts on the global platform.

‘Technical Quality in Movie Production has Improved’

A film-maker, Desmond Ovbiagele, on Tuesday said that there had been significant improvement in contemporary technical quality of movie productions in Nollywood, compared to the last few years.

Ovbiagele told the News agency of Nigeria in Lagos that the cinematography, sound quality, special effects have to some extent improved.

He, however, stressed that there was still the need to attain cinema-grade standards in films by producers.

“We cannot have one type of movie in the industry. We must have different types of productions. We need to diversify.

‘Inadequate Fund, Training Inhibiting Nigeria's Film Industry’

A motion picture actor, Samuel Ajibola, has said that lack of formal training, inadequate funds and poor quality thespians had inhibited the growth of the nation’s creative sector.

Ajibola said that the situation was responsible for the production of low quality films when compared to those produced by Hollywood or Bollywood movie makers.

He said, “You cannot compare a film where someone spends $70 million to one that was produced with N4 million or thereabout.