Stransact Partners Begins Executive Coaching Programmes

In a strategic move to tactically add value to its clients’ rising needs, Stransact Partners, a professional services firm, has announced commencement of its Executive Coaching Programmes.  The firm plans to launch this in July with a 2-day class on Essential Business Secrets in Dubai.

In a related development, the firm has announced the suspension of its open courses on finance and accounting, beginning from September 2013. Its knowledge brokerage events on finance, accounting, and tax would now be strictly by invitation.

The company, in a statement, signed by its Corporate Communication Manager, Damilola Daniel, said the suspension was necessary after Stransact Partners thoroughly examined the need to shift attention from organising open training sessions to focusing on Executive Coaching Programmes for business managers and top executive officers, in order to unleash tremendous value on the Nigerian economy.

Stransact Partners has been creating value for businesses in the areas of finance tax and accounting, via its open courses through massive solicitation and advertisement –something that is an abnormally if there is true value in the courses. A thing of value should be sought after. Thus, its knowledge brokerage events would now be provided only to companies seeking to truly instil knowledge and skills on its employees.

The company has discovered that businesses die in Nigeria because they lack the ability to create values. And since we know the secrets to value creation because we have helped many struggling businesses regain stability, it is therefore necessary for us to coach desiring executives on how to create values for business growth. This is our way of delivering on our commitment to create wealth for Nigeria. We do this by birthing businesses and by providing strategic advice that guarantees sustainable growth.

Stransact Partners has helped established a company from ₦0 capital to ₦250 million turnover in just three years.

The executive coaching team, which will be led by Eben Akinyemi, Stransact’s Country Partner, would be glad to share, with serious minded business owners and top executive officers, the secrets some of our clients have been enjoying in achieving organisational growth and financial success.

Recently, Stransact Partners, on merit, emerged as Africa’s Best Tax Service Provider of the Year 2013 in the just concluded African Brand Leadership Merit Awards.

About the Team Leader
Eben Akinyemi, an Associate of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, has led several teams to provide strategic transactions advisory services to various companies undergoing major business restructuring in and outside Nigeria. He has provided advisory services to many top companies, CEOs, and boards since he joined the defunct Accounting Firm, Arthur Andersen. He subsequently worked with KPMG Professional Services, the successor firm to Andersen in Nigeria; and also worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). He left PwC in February 2009 following his appointment as a Partner at Stransact. While most of Eben’s previous works were in the areas of finance and tax, Eben’s other talent as an original voice on strategy is known only to a close few.