Forex Trading Firm Set to Commence Operation

The HTT FX Capital has announced plans to commence trading in Nigeria as it promised to simplify trading and make it more appealing to interested Nigerians.

According to a statement, the firm is a certified partner of Abshire Smith, an FSA-regulated liquidity in UK, registered in England and Wales, which is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority,  which would be officially launched in Lagos and Abuja, is expected to provide alternative investment market worth over $4trillion a day, for Nigerians.

Chief Operating Officer of the company, Paul Obalonye, said HTT FX Capital established earlier this year, was poised to be a world leader in online forex and commodity trading, offering a wide array of products and instruments to trade, he said the company was opened to Nigerians who intended to take their forex education and training to the next level.