Bio-metric Registration Begins April 1

Over a month and half after the project was inaugurated by suspended Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Mr. Lamido Sanusi, biometric registration of bank customers will now commence on April 1. Sanusi had on February 14 inaugurated the registration exercise on behalf of Bankers’ Committee at the CBN head office in Lagos. He stated that after 18 months of the exercise, bank customers would not be able to do any transaction without their fingerprints.

According to Sanusi, the new biometric registration would lead to the issuing of Bank Verification Number, a unique identity for every bank customer, and would help to mitigate fraud, money laundering and other vices in the country.

The Biometric Matching Solution Project team, in a statement, said the project was currently in its pilot phase, which would terminate on March 31 with a Site Acceptance Test. The pilot phase, the team said, served as a model and basis for nationwide deployment of the solution, noting that trainings were being conducted to users just as central servers were being installed at the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc – the company selected by the Bankers Committee to operate and manage the infrastructure for banks.